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. . to our online Photography Gallery and Online Catalogue. We hope you enjoy our selection of beautiful Finger Lakes photography featuring the artistry of Polly Joan.

Polly Joan's gentle vision of nature draws the viewer right inside her images. Her intent is for viewers to feel like they are being visually heard by pulling them in to her use of vivid colors and extraordinarily sensitive depiction of photographic images.

Have you ever dreamed of finding the absolutely perfect but affordable nature photograph to hang on your wall? Have you ever hoped you could do so while sitting at your computer at home? Let Polly Joan and her amazing work with a camera do it for you.

Ordering Polly Joan Photography is easy and has a very personal touch.  Click into the different galleries to see the vast array of possibilities that Polly has created for you. Click into Ordering Information for prices and available sizes for the photos you would like us to send to you.

Make your selections by the title under the photograph.  Then pick up the phone or cell and call us at 607-227-2885 with your proposed order. Or you can email pollycat@pollyjoanphoto.com with your order.  If you email, please be sure to include your name and cell or phone # so we can reach you and finalize your very special order.   

If you have an idea for something different than what is offered, we would be willing to work with you to see if we can make your own magic happen.


               Studio phone for Polly Joan Photography   607-227-2885

                Email pollycat@pollyjoanphoto.com


New For 2014

"Taughannock - After the Storm"

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